Your computer may have been hit by a virus and you’ve successfully cleaned it out and destroyed it with your antivirus software.  But why isn’t it still working properly? Not all viruses leave your computer unharmed. If all it did was install unwanted popup ads, then you’re fine. But malevolent viruses sometimes corrupt important files that make your computer run smoothly, alter registry entries, modifies your computer settings and does other things that leave your computer with its traces of damage long after the virus itself has been removed. A registry cleaning software may clean incorrect entries and antivirus software remove viruses found and deletes the corrupted file/s but these software do not correct whatever damage has been done. One software that does, and does it so effectively, is Reimage Antivirus.

This is how Reimage Antivirus works. Reimage Antivirus  will scan your Windows computer system thoroughly. Among the things that it will scan and analyze are things such as your Windows operating system (to see if anything needs repairing), low memory, hard disk speed, CPU power and temperature, malware (like viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, root kits and more), and will review stability issues by checking what applications have been crashing often lately. The thorough scan is the basis of a detailed report to you of the actual state of your computer and gives you a summary of your PC’s hardware, security and stability compared to recommended optimum levels.

Here's a table showing the features of Reimage Antivirus compared to a simple registry cleaner, antivirus program or your handy technician.

Reimage Antivirus has, in its database, a huge repository of over 25 million Windows components. Once the scan is done and a list of things needing repair is prepared, Reimage Antivirus is ready to go about repairing your system and make it as good as new. Any malware found is deactivated and quarantined. All system files, DLLs and registry files that are corrupted or damaged are replaced with healthy files from Reimage Antivirus’s repository. This online database is constantly being updated so it always has the most updated Windows components.

You need not worry anymore about viruses and malware damaging your computer because now, with Reimage Antivirus, you will always have the utility that safely and securely brings back the healthy file versions of anything damaged in your PC’s computer system.

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