I just downloaded a little program called RegCure and it really helped in the constant battle against my old, junky computer.

My computer is pretty old, so I don't expect it to be that fast, but lately it was getting insanely slow and I started getting really annoying errors every time I turned my computer on.

I'm OK with computers, but I have no idea how to fix a ".dll error" nor what it really is.

I went looking around on the internet, and of course, found a lot of information that didn’t make sense or seemed shady. Eventually, I found a forum post that told me about RegCure software. I found a site to download RegCure immediately and it was up and running in minutes.

The first thing it did was scan my entire system and give me the details. I didn’t understand them all, but the list gave me good idea what was going on. Basically -- I found out later -- your computer's registry connects to everything on your computer, so every error there acts like a road block to your computer. Registry errors and .dll errors really slow your computer down.

After the scan, I could see all the things that were slowing my computer down. The RegCure registry cleaner software gave me the option to fix each problem with a manual click, or allow it to do everything automatically. I told RegCure to fix all my registry problems automatically, and haven’t had to bother with it since.

Now, when friends use my computer they see the program, and say "RegCure, does it work?" I can give them a positive "yes." I'll tell you the same thing -- Buy it! It's one of the best things I've bought for my computer.

A few friends who are better with computers said it was great too, they told me that messing with the registry on my own could really hurt my computer, even break it completely without knowing what I'm doing. They said RegCure did what they could do in two hours of work in five minutes.

RegCure also has a tool to choose programs to start when your computer turns on, it helped me speed up my computer even more!

Click Here to Download RegCure and be cleaning your registry in minutes, or visit the site for more information.

RegCure Review Submitted by Jonathan