Powerbook-MedicIf you own a Mac computer or gadget, you will want to have a reliable source for all parts and repairs you will ever need. Make sure you go and check out Powerbook Medic. Powerbook Medic carries all the parts you will need for your Mac regardless of model (Macbook and Macbook Pro, iBook, Powerbook, PowerMac, iMac, Mac Mini, and even the iPhone and iPod). They have a wide array of parts as well as experienced technicians. Your machine is in good hands when you send it to them. They do installations, repair, provide manuals and parts.
When you visit the website of Powerbook Medic, you will notice that they provide Mac repair guides. These are videos and PDF manuals that show you how to disassemble and repair your Mac, iPod or iPhone. These are useful for more seasoned, technical people who want to take a crack at repairing their own computers. You also have the option of ordering parts. Their site sorts parts according to parts category and model of computers so it is so easy to find which part you want. If, on the other hand, what you want is repair service, they will give you a free, no-obligation estimate of the repair cost. Once you send your machine in, you can track its progress through their site. You can even get Twitter and SMS updates on the status of your machine’s repair. Repairs usually take a quick 3-5 days turnaround, from the time they receive the machine to the time repair is completed and payment processed. In addition, all their products and services come with a 1-year warranty.

When you avail of Powerbook Medic’s services, you are assured that your needs are being handled by a reliable company that provides quality service and a wide range of parts for any model of Mac computers and devices that you have.

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