I love to take pictures, but I have so much trouble editing them on my computer. That was until I finally found PhotoLab photo editing software.

A friend gave their copy of Photoshop a while back when I said I had no idea how to edit pictures. But Photoshop just made it more confusing! It took two minutes to load and when it did there were so many buttons I had no idea what to do. Then I went searching for free picture editing tools, but GIMP was just as complicated as Photoshop and Google's Picasa just didn’t make sense to me. All I wanted was a simple picture fixing tool!

Eventually, I found Noromis PhotoLab from software maker Avanquest. I downloaded it and saw that it was exactly what I was looking for. It's basically an automated photo lab! With one or two clicks I was cropping pictures and adjusting the lighting -- It's so easy! I set up most of the features to be automatic. My computer took the place of those high school kids working at the photo kiosk in the mall, for about the cost of three or four developments.

Now I tell all my friends to get PhotoLab instead of Photoshop or other free software. I showed my completely computer-illiterate neighbor how to use it, and within 10 minutes she was rotating images, making slideshows and fixing her own pictures. The straightforward toolbars let you fix annoying red eyes with one click. You can also detect and remove digital static that makes pictures look cheap. Even refine skin appearance to brighten, smooth and adjust the hue of skin tones. It's also a breeze to compile slideshows and e-mail them to friends and family all within the software, it took all the hassle out of sharing my pictures online.

My favorite feature, however, was the batch processing. I can just click upload, all my pictures look good with PhotoLab's automatic fixing feature. And even if I manage to mess up a picture, PhtoLab keeps the original photo so I can always go back.

At first, I used the PhotoLab free trial, but decided to buy the awesome software when my trial ended -- it's just so easy to use, I didn’t want to go looking for another crummy free photo editor.

Go download PhotoLab Free Trial now and see how easy it really is to edit your own pictures.