Parents who need to monitor their kids phone activity can do so with the use of PhoneBeagle. If you are a parent, one of the concerns that you might have is what your child is doing when they are using their phone. You may have already placed a certain software to protect your child while they are surfing the Internet while using their computer but realize that their phone activity has to be monitored, too. This PhoneBeagle review provides you with the solution.

There are many circumstances that it might be of utmost necessity to do monitor a child. You might have a suspicion that your kid might be hanging out with bad company who will contact them by their cell phone to drag them along to do things such as recreational drugs. You might have an inkling that your kid might be a minor who is having a sexual relationship with someone. There are many reasons why you might need the service of PhoneBeagle.

PhoneBeagle has a recorder application that shall be installed in a Blackberry or Android phone. This records location and activity. There is a client application that you can use to view the location and phone activity with the use of your computer. The things that you will be aware of are the GPS & Network phone location, SMS text messages sent and received, call history, address book, MMS Multi-Media Messages sent and received, website history, and more. The data is recorded as they occur. Even if the phone activity such as a text message received was deleted, you will still know the details.

PhoneBeagle Sample SMS Report

It is assuring to know your child's location - which is what PhoneBeagle can do for you. With the web browsing capabilities of Android and Blackberry phones, you might want to be aware of what sites they visit. Knowing who they are texting and what they say plus what MMS are sent and received is important for you to protect your child. The watchdog capabilities of PhoneBeagle could be the solution you have been searching for. Many people are not aware of the fact that the Electronic Communication Privacy Act permits monitoring when justified.

PhoneBeagle provides you with an inexpensive way to monitor an Android or Blackberry phone. A monthly subscription only costs $9.95. If you choose the 6 month subscription, you save 40%. With the 12 month subscription, the savings escalate to over 50%, which means you will be spending less that $5 a month. Protect your child and monitor their phone activity with the use of PhoneBeagle.