Improper uninstallations can leave a lot of dead files that clutter your computer unnecessarily and slow it down. And some programs cannot be removed using the Add/Remove Programs utility of Windows. In these cases and in many more instances, Perfect Uninstaller perfectly uninstalls unwanted applications in your system and does this easily and faster. It forcibly and completely removes difficult-to-remove programs and all files related to them, including broken registry keys.

People normally use Windows’ Add/Remove Programs utility to uninstall applications that one does not want anymore. And even if uninstalled, these applications leave trails on the computer. Perfect Uninstaller does not only uninstall applications; it also cleans registry files that were modified when these programs were installed and protects your PC from corrupted registry errors. In the process, it also improves the speed and performance of your computer.

There are applications too that are difficult to uninstall including antivirus programs. Why is this so? Because files, components and drivers associated with a particular application are scattered all over your computer. Many times, uninstalling means removing a folder with the application’s name. But sometimes the uninstall program does not detect the program files embedded in Temp and system folders or in registry entries which are not easily identifiable and so very difficult to remove manually. There are also rogue applications that have been designed to be very difficult to uninstall using Add/Remove Programs tool. Perfect Uninstaller is able to delete all these easily.

Perfect Uninstaller has other key features as well:

  • It shows all installed applications in 3 different ways: by Icons, by List, by Details.
  • It completely cleans empty/corrupt registry entries that a certain application may leave after uninstallation
  • It protects your registry from empty/corrupted errors and improves the performance of the PC
  • It forcibly removes hidden applications installed in your system
  • It backs up the registry so as to restore system easily when Windows crashes
  • Its user interface is easy to use and user-friendly
  • It works with all Windows operating systems including Windows (Windows NT/2003/XP/Vista32/Vista64/Win 7)

Be able to uninstall unwanted applications with Perfect Uninstaller perfectly, every time. And keep your computer clean and running smoothly.

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