PC SpeedScanNew computers are great because the hard disk is almost empty, files are defragmented and it runs fast and smooth. But what if your computer is more than a year old already? Most computers that age have already filled up and you would notice considerable slowing down in processing time. There are temporary files buried somewhere in there but if you are not an advanced user, it would be very difficult to start looking where they are. Many users are too afraid to delete files with unknown names for fear that it would affect the operations of the computer. PC SpeedScan is the answer to your performance woes.

PC SpeedScan is a system optimizer for Windows-based computers. You can actually do a free scan by pressing a button "Scan Now". When you activate that, PC SpeedScan will do a deep windows registry scan. It finds errors and redundant files that slow down the computer and are often cause the system to freeze and crash.  It identifies registry errors, missing Windows shortcuts, as well as missing share files, application paths, fonts, help files, invalid file extensions and other similar situations. When it's done scanning, it presents you with a list of all the invalid and erroneous files it has found. You would be surprised that there are so many of these files hiding in your computer and slowing its performance down considerably. You can now clean and refresh your computer by purchasing a username and password to activate that operation of PC SpeedScan. There is a 30-day money back guarantee as well to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Do not suffer the pains of slow computing power anymore. Get PC SpeedScan and see what a difference it will make.

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