PC Mover PC Transfer ProgramGetting a new PC can be exciting as you look forward to a more advanced, faster computer. But one of the pains of getting a fresh computer out of the box is transferring what you have on your old one. Windows has a file transfer program called Easy Transfer that transfers your email settings and files but what about your programs? If you have a lot of those, it will literally take hours to reinstall them one by one on the new PC. Well, LapLink, the company known from years back for software that transfers files from one PC to another using parallel printer cables now has a program, PC Mover PC Transfer Program, which allows you to transfer everything on your old PC over to the new one.

PC Mover PC Transfer Program has a USB cable which you use to connect the two computers. A wizard interface gets you started. It can map your old PC to see what you have, then move them all over to your new one - Windows Office, photos, music, wallpapers, browser settings, spreadsheets, videos, podcasts, icons, favorites, bookmarks, instant messengers and more. For those who do not want to move everything, PC Mover PC Transfer Program allows you to pick and choose which programs, files and settings should be moved. The move is done seamlessly - even application and user profiles are moved completely. If you have multiple users in your old PC, the settings and profiles of all the users get moved as well. It's "Undo" feature allows you to reverse any transfer at any time. Imagine how convenient it is for you to have PC Mover PC Transfer Program. So much time and effort is saved so you could do other tasks while it does the moving.

PC Mover PC Transfer Program is compatible even with older OS versions of Windows like Windows 95, 98 and ME.

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