PC Health AdvisorComputers, over time, slow down and errors and inefficiencies start to crop up. Fragmented files tend to slow down your computer as access takes longer. Registry errors and missing files also start to creep in. If you are noticing that it takes forever for your computer to respond every time you launch an application or try to access files, then your computer is clogged with stuff that has accumulated over years of use. ParetoLogic has designed PC Health Advisor to be an all-in-one powerful utility tool that is like several programs lumped into one. With just this one utility, you can nurse your computer back to health and clear it of errors and unnecessary files that tend to crash and freeze up the computer.

PC Health Advisor is a comprehensive suite of tools that does the job that computer maintenance people normally do when you bring your computer to them for diagnostic tests. This time, however, you can very easily duplicate that at a much lower cost to you. PC Health Advisor has a beautiful user interface that anyone, even someone who is not technically inclined, can easily use. Access to each type of tool is presented on a home screen that looks clean and simple. The first thing one usually runs is a complete scan of your computer system. When that is activated, PC Health Advisor combs every nook and cranny of your system. As it does so, you see the progress of the scan which can take from 3 to 5 minutes. After the scan, you see the total number of errors detected by PC Health Advisor. You can either review them and select/deselect what need fixing, or just click "Fix All" and let PC Health Advisor do the job.

The other tools in PC Health Advisor are Device Manager (identifies old or missing drivers and lets you update to the most current drivers your system needs), Process Manager (identifies unnecessary, duplicate or harmful processes in your system that consume memory resources), Startup Manager (lets you choose only those programs you want to include during startup so that your system is not slowed down by unused applications running in the background), File Extension Manager (fixes the association of file extensions to the right programs so you can easily open up your files), Duplicate Finder (helps locate duplicate files that use up disk space) and a Defrag Utility. PC Health Advisor even removes private files to keep your login information, passwords, banking information safe.

All it takes to keep your computer healthy at all times is this comprehensive suite of tools -- PC Health Advisor. You will be able to run diagnostics on your own from home and save on external maintenance costs.

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