You are leaving a trail on your computer every time you surf the net and conduct online activities. Cookies and caching of pages speed up your surfing experience but they also reveal your preferences and surfing habits as well as confidential information such as passwords and other banking information. You are at risk of identity theft as well as being spied on. Over time, these accumulated bits of information also slow down your computer’s performance. Just think. When you upgrade to a higher capacity hard disk, how do you protect confidential information that resided on your old hard disk? Mere deletion, even if recycle bin was emptied, does not protect you. Sophisticated recovery software can still get those files back, exposing private information. ParetoLogic Privacy Controls will not only clean up your cluttered computer to make it run faster, it will literally shred confidential and private information in it so nothing can recover it.

The first thing you will notice about ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is its clean, streamlined and easy-to-use user interface. Options are simply chosen with clicks on buttons to include or exclude areas you want scanned. Once that is done, the scan begins. The scan shows the file names as they are scanned and at the end, you are presented with a list of files the software is recommending for deletion. You have the option to deselect those you want retained. ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is able to detect potentially dangerous or compromised files like saved passwords, user information, credit card details. It can remove history files and cookies from all major browsers, files from instant messaging, and even your historical interaction with third-party software like P2P file downloading applications, media players and toolbars.

With ParetoLogic Privacy Controls, you are given three shredding levels: Quick Shred (makes one single random pass making it impossible to recover except for sophisticated data recovery means); Safe Shred (does three passes, which is according to the U.S. Department of Defense specificiations for data erasure; and Thorough Shred (does seven passes, the most secure shredding method).

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls will give you peace of mind that your confidential information will not be accidentally divulged or revealed to others. By regularly running ParetoLogic Privacy Controls, you not only maintain the privacy of your files but you also get to improve your computer’s performance.

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