Panda Internet SecurityIf you want an easy-to-install and reliable antivirus program that will protect your computer against all types of viruses and other internet threats, take a look at Panda Internet Security. With this complete security solution guarding your computer from all kinds of  cyber attacks, you can shop online or even do banking transactions with complete peace of mind that you are safe.

Panda Internet Security protects you in real-time. Whether it be malware, viruses, trojans, keyloggers, phishing attempts, spyware, and rootkits, Panda Internet Security will be able to detect these and prevent the threats from causing damage.  It has a firewall that can be configured to prevent attempts from the outside to get into your computer. While the firewall configuration can be a bit complicated for some newbies, it does have a default configuration which can be used by most users. Its anti-spam feature protects your inbox from being swamped with unwanted spam mail. Phishing attempts will be blocked and your identity is totally protected because personal and confidential information will be checked with you first before this is allowed to leave your computer. Keying in passwords or critical information can be done via a virtual keyboard in order to deter keyloggers. The Parental Control feature allows young children to surf the internet safely since inappropriate content is blocked. And to prevent the children from changing the parental control settings, you can set passwords to gain access to it. On its main screen you could view statistics on just how many threats were found by Panda Internet Security. Presented in pie chart form, the statistics are very easy to understand. Panda Internet Security watches over your computer discreetly, allowing you to enter the multimedia world and indulge in gaming without interruptions.

Your computer security is important and needs to be entrusted to a program that will keep you safe. That's what you get with Panda Internet Security.

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