Panda Global ProtectionIf you think that having an antivirus software in your computer is enough online protection, think again. Cyber criminals are becoming very sophisticated and oftentimes are one step ahead of antivirus software companies. Attacks now are coming not just from viruses and malware. Phishing attacks steal one's identity online. Spammers harvest email addresses then flood your inbox with marketing spiels and sometimes, malware. Keyloggers capture your keyboard strokes thus putting at risk your passwords and other critical information. What you need is total protection and this is what Panda Global Protection gives you.

Panda Global Protection is more than an antivirus program. It is packed with a lot of security features that give you what it says -- global protection. Its firewall feature protects even your wifi network from intruders. The Identity protect feature filters protect your personal information. improvements were made to parental controls, anti-spam filters, online backup, and pc optimization. The latest version brings you several new features that add to the protection of your computer and network. If you are concerned about keying passwords in using your regular keyboard, Panda Global Protection provides a virtual keyboard which you can use and which cannot be logged by keyloggers. The Remote PC Access feature allows you to access your computer wherever you are. File Encryption feature adds another layer of protection. And Panda Global Protection has now added the File Shredding option so that deleted files are totally, permanently deleted. And if you love playing games, this one's for you. Panda Global Protection's antivirus protection will keep running without causing interruptions to your game.

Be totally protected now with Panda Global Protection and surf as much as you can without worrying about any of the security threats that abound in cyberspace.

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