Panda Antivirus ProNo computer should be left unprotected so if you have a brand new computer or an older one which still has no antivirus, it is time for you to consider getting one. Cyber criminals have been getting sophisticated and every time you go online unprotected, your computer is exposed to many risks coming from cyber threats like viruses, spyware, trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, and phishing. With Panda Antivirus Pro, you get this protection, and more.

Panda Antivirus Pro is a complete antivirus software that protects your computer and your internet surfing in real-time, at all times. Not all antivirus programs have their own firewall but Panda Antivirus Pro does! It even has WIFI security to completely block intruders and hackers even from your wireless network. Its Panda USB Vaccine feature protects both your computer and USB drive from getting infected. If you are concerned that keying in your passwords or log-on PINs on your computer keyboard will be captured by keyloggers, Panda Antivirus Pro came up with its own Virtual Keyboard, letting you click on it to register your password and successfully log on without the use of the normal keyboard. The Home Network Manager allows you to check at any time what the status of your network is. And you do all these and still be able to do multimedia tasks or play games because Panda Antivirus Pro does not interrupt your regular activities. As a bonus, Panda Antivirus Pro comes with a Save Browser (sandboxing) option that allows you to access a website which seems suspicious on a virtual browser which lets you peek at the site without causing the site, if malicious, to make changes on your PC.

Don't delay any longer. Protect your computer now completely and ensure that your internet activities can be done safely in the comfort of your home.

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