PageRage review

PageRage is the easy way to change your FaceBook layout for FREE. PageRage can help you make your profile unique. PageRage will help you create a new Facebook layout that will make your profile more interesting to see. Check out this PageRage review to get to know how to have an option to look at your Facebook with a different layout and designs instead of the blue and white we always see.

When you use PageRage, it is totally FREE. No need to sign up or register. All you have to do is to download the PageRage plug-in, install it, and you are ready to change your layout. There are hundreds to choose from and you can change it as often as you want.

Your friends to get view new Facebook layout needs to have the same plug-in to see it and for them to change their Facebook layout too. That is easy to do, just share them the link of this PageRage review or share it from the PageRage site itself.

The options that you have are to change all the pages of your Facebook or just the profile page only when you have selected the layout. Follow these steps so you won’t have a hard time changing it!

1. Access the site using the PageRage review link at the bottom of this article.
2. Click Download PageRage plug-in.
3. Install the PageRage plug-in.
4. Open a new browser or tab and log into Facebook.
5. Choose your PageRage layout.
6. Pick from the All Pages or Profile option.
7. When you see the word "Success", refresh your Facebook page.

You have your new Facebook layout!

PageRage is awesome, free, and easy! Enjoy your new Facebook profile and change it anytime you want.

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PageRage reviews - free facebook layout

PageRage reviews