If you’re an Outlook user, then all your important personal data are kept in personal storage table (.pst) file formats. Messages, calendar events, contacts, notes and other important personal information are stored in these formats. Can you afford to lose them? Of course not! So protect yourself and ensure that even when the PST files are corrupted, Outlook PST Repair goes to work so that you can safely and completely recover your precious information.

File corruption can happen for many reasons. For PST file formats, corruption can be caused by file oversize issues above 2GB, file sharing over a networked drive, unexpected shutdown, disrupted compaction, and file header corruption. A free tool from Microsoft (Inbox Repair Tool) often repairs common issues. However if data within the file itself is corrupted, using this free tool could damage the file permanently. And there go your messages, phonebook, calendar appointments, tasks, folders and a lot more. If your business contacts are in that file, you really cannot afford to lose any data.

Outlook PST Repair can handle even files more than 2GB which the Inbox Repair Tool cannot handle.  It can recover even password-protected and encrypted PST files. Text, RTF and HTML messages are handled well by Outlook PST Repair.

When you run Outlook PST Repair, it scans your computer to detect any corrupted .pst file. When it finds one, it scans that corrupted file, creates a unique profile for it, and recovers it safely to another location. A Live Update option constantly updates your software so you always have the latest version.

Outlook PST Repairs works with different Microsoft Outlook versions (2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010).

Be confident that you will always have a utility that can recover your Outlook files safely when you’ve got Outlook PST Repair. Precious data should have the best protection there is.