Think about what would happen when the database file holding your emails gets corrupted. You lose your precious emails and you waste a lot of precious time trying to recover them, if you can even do that. Such disastrous events can happen as a result of viruses, errors experienced while the database is compacting, conflicts as a result of more than one antivirus application running simultaneously, or other disk errors. There’s no need to fret if you have Outlook Express Email Recovery. Be able to recover all your emails safely and completely in no time.

Outlook Express email messages are contained in database files (.dbx file format) like Inbox.dbx, Outbox.dbx and Sent.dbx. When this is damaged or corrupted, messages may not be opened, may not show any body, or may not be able to send any messages. The application itself may not even open. You can remove the error message that pops up by uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook Express but you lose all the email messages and contacts inside.

Outlook Express Email Recovery can seek out .dbx folders and repair these if they are damaged or corrupted as well as preserve its original structure and contents. Here are some of the features of the software:

  • Recovers deleted emails
  • Repairs DBX folders created with Outlook Express 5/6
  • Repairs DBX files in removable media such as zip drives, CDs, hard drives and floppy discs
  • Repairs and restores DBX folders even if greater than 2GB
  • Restores .eml messages that can be opened and directly read with Outlook Express
  • Repairs messages in .eml files or .dbx format on any discs visible to the host operating system
  • Repairs single or multiple DBX files

Recovery is so easy with Outlook Express Email Recovery. Just fire up the program, choose the .dbx file you want repaired, or if the files are not visible, let the software automatically locate the file for you. Select the destination for restored files and click Restore. The recovery process only takes minutes.

Never worry again about losing precious emails. Have Outlook Express Email Recovery handy. It’s a productivity and utility tool you won’t regret having when an emergency strikes.