Open Office review

Download Open Office for FREE! Open Office works with a wide range of formats. Open Office can be downloaded to Windows OS, Macs, or Linux. Open Office supports languages like Arabic. Get your Open Office right now - download it for free by using the link in this Open Office review.

Open Office is a full suite that you can use instead of Microsoft Windows. There are 6 applications that this office suite has:

  • Writer Word Processor
  • Calc Spreadsheet
  • Impress Presentations Program
  • Draw Graphic Program
  • Base Database Program
  • Math Equation Editor

When you get the free download of Open Office, you can begin to enjoy some special features. One of them is that you can embed music to the Writer Word Processor. Another feature is that you can access with one click a gallery of the graphic elements such as backgrounds and bullets. There are a whole load of unique features that this office suite has. Watch this Open Office review video to find out a few more of the other new features.

The Open Office is very useful and it is the only office suite that you need.

With this Open Office free download, you get to save a lot of money as you don't have to buy any other office suite like Microsoft Office.

You can start enjoying your Open Office today. Create presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. Use the mail merge option, make charts, and the formatting tools. Open Office document files can be exported to a number of formats which includes PDF.

There is a way to use Open Office that makes it a lot easier to create presentations, spreadsheets, and other similar projects. There are the Open Office Wizards. It helps you with the creation process by giving you the options. All you have to do is click next with these Wizards and you finish the task in less time and do it professionally.

Open Office is the office suite that can help you do a variety of tasks for documentation, presentation, accounting, and more. This Open Office review give you this fantastic software for free. Get Open Office right now!

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Open Office review - download your free office suite