Noromis PhotolabHere's a quick and painless way to download your camera photos into your computer, do some quick fixes, and print them out beautifully and effortlessly. Noromis Photolab brings photo-lab quality printing into your home. Now you will be able to download your photos from virtually any brand of camera, fix them automatically or manually using extremely easy-to-use settings, and print out photo lab quality pictures. You can do all these in as few as four clicks.

When Noromis Photolab is started up, it automatically starts up the camera detector which immediately senses when you plug in your camera and pops up a Get Photo Wizard. You can rotate the photos, put them in specific folders, display them as a slideshow, and choose whether to keep the original photos on the memory card or erase them. One downside to the application, at this point, is that you cannot choose individual photos to download. Once downloaded, you can do a blanket Auto Fix which uses the intelligence built into Noromis Photolab to automatically correct color, lighting and red eye. This can still be finely tuned if you want to. You could also manually adjust the photos.

One great feature of Noromis Photolab is that it does not touch the original photo. With every fix you make to a photo, a history of fixes is created such that you can actually go back to any point and undo the changes made. They only become permanent once you email or save the image as a new file. You also need to watch out that you do not rename the folder because that breaks the link between the history files and the actual files (physically moving a photo to another folder retains its history though).  Your family will likewise be able to see your photos since Noromis Photolab lets you email a reduced-file version of the photos which you can individually send or send a whole slideshow.

For a fast and very easy to use, intuitive camera-to-print processing, Noromis Photolab is ahead of many of its competitors. You will find that printing beautiful pictures need not require a professional lab. You can do it yourself from home.

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