MyPornBlockerPorn is one of the most insidious to infiltrate computer systems and if you are a parent with young kids, this should be a priority concern of yours.  When you are not at home, you may be unaware that porn may already actually be popping its way into your young kids' computers. Even when you're at home but engrossed with your own work or household tasks, your children could be lured into porn sites just by clicking on links sent by their friends innocently or they accidentally land on these porn sites due to misspelling a URL. Sometimes, your computers could be infected with spyware that activate pop-ups with porn pictures. MyPornBlocker was specifically designed by Martin Brendal after he saw that, despite all efforts to block porn, it kept popping up on his family's computers. His effective solution will work for you too.

MyPornBlocker is a complete package that is integrated in all browsers. It can be easily configured to filter content information from the internet like porn, violent images, drugs, gambling games and other sites objectionable for children. Because it keeps track of every web page visited by a child, you can check whether your child had viewed any objectionable site while you were away, allowing you to set up blocks so it can never be viewed again.  Many parental control software only check the URL visited against a database of indecent websites. This requires the database to be constantly updated in order to be effective. MyPornBlocker has special functions that allow it to analyze the contents of the page being displayed itself. That means even if a porn site is only a few minutes old and still has not been added to the database of objectionable sites used by other blocking software, MyPornBlocker will be able to stop this site from being viewed by the child.

Even employers will find MyPornBlocker useful in monitoring and filtering out sites that employees could be going to which are inappropriate for office work.  With a 60-day risk-free trial guarantee, MyPornBlocker is worth a try. Your family's protection from unwanted obscene and objectionable web content is sure to be worth every penny.

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