movavi_video_editorWith the wrong software program, tasks like video editing, creating slideshows and converting a video from one format to another can be tedious, time consuming and sometimes impossible tasks – but with Movavi Video Editor you can do all this and more in less time and with less effort than you would have thought possible.

Have DVD’s that you want to watch on your PC or mobile device – no problem, Movavi Video Editor can transfer video files between dozens of different formats. Want to take a long home video and cut out all of the slow or boring parts to leave a completely entertaining and perfect representation of a special event – Movavi Video Editor lets you create a high quality, professional looking production that you’d be proud to publicly show to anyone who was willing or interested to watch. The editing tools in Movavi Video Editor are so easy to use that anyone can create a professional looking masterpiece out of their stock of home videos.

If you have lots of pictures, you can create a beautiful slideshow that brings to life all of the special moments of a landmark event like a graduation, wedding or first birthday. The easy to use interface lets you rotate, crop and clear up images to create a slideshow that will wow whoever lays eyes on it.

If you want to edit home videos, translate DVDs to readable formats so you can take them with you wherever you go on your portable device or create a magical slideshow from pictures of a special event – you need Movavi Video Editor Personal.

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