Movavi SplitMovieThere will be several instances when a user-friendly but powerful video splitter will come in handy. You may have a favorite series of videos and would want to select choice scenes from different episodes and combine them into one video. At other times, you may have a very long home video and you would wish to cut this up into segments or simply select portions of the entire video which you'd like to preserve separately. There are several such software in the market but many of them are not user-friendly and need some advanced know-how in order to navigate through the options and splitting procedures. With Movavi SplitMovie, you get a simple, easy-to-understand, fast video splitting software that even a newbie can easily learn.

Movavi SplitMovie lets you split, cut and trim videos with any format, size, length or number of videos by simply indiating the beginning and end of each segment. AVI and MPEG videos are rapidly split without recompression; thus, your videos are saved with the same high quality as the original.  The splitting process is sped up by a factor of 5 because of a new decoding/encoding engine. Movavi SplitMovie supports all input formats: AVI, MPEG, VOB, MP4, MOV, WMV, and still more. Its supported output formats are AVI, MPEG, RM and WMV. There are several options available. Automatic Split cuts fragments depending on the size, time and number of parts that you specify. Manual Split lets you indicate the beginning and end of the fragments. Preview allows you to view and playback your video with a large preview window. This allows you to select exact frames for the segments.

Splitting up videos will be so much more easy for you as everything is intuitive and easy to follow. Movavi SplitMovie works under the Windows environment.

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