Movavi Slideshow CreatorIf your line of work involves making frequent presentations, you know just how important it is to catch the attention of your audience till the end. However, making snazzy slideshows can oftentimes really be very challenging and entail a lot of time. What would you say if you knew that there was a slideshow creator out there that takes all your photos and whips up a pretty snazzy slideshow in just 3 steps? That is what Movavi Slideshow Creator does.

Movavi Slideshow Creator is a simple yet very strong tool that can be used to create your very own presentation or story in three steps. First you need to choose the photos you want and arrange them in sequence. Next, choose the mood music you want. And lastly, elegant transitions will convert your still photos into beautiful slideshows that you can not only present to a large audience but also export to your mobile device or burn into a CD/DVD. Movavi Slideshow Creator has a lot of features besides. When you shoot pictures, oftentimes they are not as perfect as you would have wanted. Movavi Slideshow Creator allows you to adjust the pictures by letting you rotate photos, enhance brightness and change color balance. Dark shots can be brightened up, saving you from aggravation at capturing precious moments but being unable to see them clearly. When choosing music, Movavi Slideshow Creator supports the following music formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, and others. A ‘Loop’ option allows the same song to repeat over and over. You’ve got over 20 different kinds of transition effects to choose from. And with every transition, you can set the transition speed as well as the duration of slide display. If you’d rather not be bothered selecting, click the “Use random transitions” box and Movavi Slideshow Creator will randomly select the transitions from one slide to another.

Even if you are a novice at slideshow presentations and are wondering what program will be user-friendly and simple enough for you to use, look no further. Movavi Slideshow Creator will do everything that you want it to do.

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