Many of the videos you find on the web, on sites like Youtube are in Flash format. The Movavi Flash Converter allows you to download videos from Youtube, Google videos, Metacafe, MySpace, Daily Motion, Break, Spike and many popular video sharing web sites and convert them into another format. If you want a video from Youtube to be transferred to your cell phone, just download it, convert it in the appropriate format for your phone, copy it and you're done! And you can do that with all the great videos out there that you wished you've had with you anywhere, not being dependent of a internet connection. If the video allows it, you can even convert it to HD.

Practically, the Movavi Flash Converter allows you to save videos for any device you can think of: your computer, DVD player, cell phone, IPOD, PSP, PDA etc. You can collect all the virals you loved and compile them on a DVD, in one place, not having to endlessly browse the internet when you want to see them again. You don't have to be a computer genius to use the Movavi Flash Converter as it is a very intuitive and easy to use software. You can convert more files at once and obtain in only a few minutes so many videos for your cell or DVD player. The Movavi Flash Converter also allows you to extract the audio from the clip you downloaded and play it as a separate mp3 thus having a video but also an mp3 for your player.

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