The Microsoft user experience has leveled up significantly with the opening of Microsoft retail stores in several states across the United States. As a Microsoft user you can now walk into fashionably snazzy stores allowing you to ogle the latest Microsoft devices such as the Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360, Microsoft Surfaces and allow you to buy software, gadgets and third-party PCs and games too. That same experience is now online as the Microsoft Store goes on the web! The whole range of Microsoft software and hardware is available to you with just a few clicks.

When you visit the Microsoft Store site, the first thing you notice is how clean and minimalist the look is, which means navigating through the site is quick and simple for both inexperienced and advanced computer users. Devices running Windows Phone 7 can easily be purchased from this site. Windows 7 operating systems can be purchased and downloaded here. To help you decide which Windows 7 edition is for you, a comparison with other editions is provided. Office suites, standalone Office programs and Office for Mac are also sold at the Microsoft Store. Microsoft has tied up with specific brands such as HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo and Sony to offer Signature PCs  without demos or trialware. Are you a music lover? Check out their Zune HD devices. And to complete the experience, third-party games for Kinect, Xbox 360 and PCs are also available on this site – like Halo:Reach for Xbox 360, Kinect Sports Xbox 360 and Star Trek Online for PCs.

With your first purchase via Microsoft Store, you are given a LiveID if you don’t have one yet. The LiveID becomes your identifier from then on for tracking your order, making future purchases, viewing order history, storing billing information, saving product keys for downloaded software, and for re-downloading software, if needed.

Visiting an actual Microsoft Store can be an eye candy experience but if you don’t live anywhere near one, the online Microsoft Store will allow you to buy the same stuff from the comfort of your home.

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