So, you have this huge music and video collection on your iPod or iPhone. Then your computer either breaks down or you buy a new one. Or maybe you’ve got a new iPod or iPhone. Transferring all those music and video files can be such a hassle! MediaWidget - Easy iPod Transfer just made two-way file transfers of your music that much easier! Transfer music from an old PC to a new one; move files from your iPod or iPhone to your PC; or transfer your music from an old iPod to a new one. Painlessly.

MediaWidget is a transfer utility for the iPod and iPhone. Music, videos, podcasts, playlists and ratings can be transferred back and forth in a two-way exchange. Once you’ve installed MediaWidget, use its wizard or user-friendly interface to copy all your media files, playlists and ratings into iTunes. Or, if you simply want to create a backup of your media files, skirt iTunes altogether and just dump them into a Windows folder.

Here are some ways you can transfer media files with MediaWidget:

  • Copy contents of your iPod/iPhone to iTunes
  • Copy contents of your iPod/iPhone to a Windows folder
  • Copy music and videos from your PC to your iPod/iPhone
  • Move music and video seamlessly between computers or between two iPods/iPhones
  • Search for songs and play music directly from your iPod without iTunes
  • Create and edit playlists from within MediaWidget
  • Share music and movies with friends by moving the contents from your PC onto their iPod
  • Transfer songs from your friend’s iPod onto your PC
  • Backup music, videos, playlists, podcasts, games, song data and more from your iPod into your PC

What makes MediaWidget great is that you’re not tied to just one computer due to the iTunes connection. You can have your music on multiple PCs and laptops, both at home and at work. And, if you’ve encountered iTunes sync errors before which accidentally wipe out your iPod’s contents, never fear. You can easily recover everything from your backup files.

A big note though. MediaWidget does not work with Macs. At least not yet. It runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. And it still cannot write back to iPhone 4 or iOS 4 devices.

Never have to worry about moving your media stuff. MediaWidget is all you need, whether you’ve got iTunes in your computer or not. You’ll be able to quickly and easily move your music from your iPod or iPhone to any computer you wish to store it in and vice-versa.