Mac Speech Scribe - Voice TranscriptionistHave an audio file that you need transcribed into a text file but have a difficult time typing? Mac Speech Scribe – Voice Transcriptionist is the perfect solution to your problem. You won’t have to worry about expending any effort at all creating your word document – no struggling to keep up with the spoken word as you hunt and peck for the proper key, in fact there is no typing at all. All you need to do is open your audio file and click the transcribe button and Mac Speech Scribe does every bit of work for you.

This incredible transcription solution supports several different English dialects and up to six different voice profiles so you can create the absolute highest accuracy rate possible for your transcribed files – in fact, Mac Speech Scribe has an accuracy rate of ninety nine percent, which is most likely much higher than an individual would have on a first attempt of manual transcription.

You’ll quickly get a document that is completely free of spelling and grammatical errors and in all likelihood a perfect match to the audio file which you are trying to convert with very little effort. Mac Speech Scribe – Voice Transcriptionist works with plenty of different types of audio files, so if you’ve got a voice file in just about any format Mac Speech Scribe will likely be able to handle it.

With just minutes of training, you’ll be able to quickly and easily convert any audio file into an accurate, printable document. If you have audio files that need to be transcribed, Mac Speech Scribe is the program for you.

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