LightSpeed PCHaving a brand new PC is refreshing indeed. Everything is so fast and you have so much hard disk capacity. Unfortunately, as time wears on and more and more files and programs are loaded into your computer, performance begins to degrade until your PC slows down to almost a crawl. It even freezes up sometimes, leaving you no choice except to restart the computer. Such a waste of precious time, especially since reboots often take minutes to complete. With LightSpeed PC, you can clean up your computer and delete all those files that bog down the performance of your PC. It will seem almost like new again.

LightSpeed PC speeds up your PC, optimizes its overall performance, cleans up junk files, decreases the time it takes to boot up and shut down, fixes errors that cause crashes, and puts an end to those annoying freezes. When your computer was brand new, booting it up and opening programs was a breeze. Suddenly, after much use, it would take painfully slow minutes to do the same activities. With LightSpeed PC, you can experience the same performance speed as though your computer was its new self again. All it takes is a single click. LightSpeed PC will repair invalid/corrupt registry entries, remove invalid or unused shortcuts, remove programs from the startup list which you do not want to automatically run in the background, and remove unnecessary programs you may wish to uninstall based on their usage pattern. In addition, LightSpeed PC will degragment your hard drive, increase the boot-up and shutdown times, optimize your CPU by reallocating resources where these are needed most, clean up temporary files, and boost RAM. It even has bonus features like 'Restore' which lets you recover permanently deleted data, 'Backup' to backup your folders/files to any zip drive or server, and 'Shredder' to delete any file permanently from your PC.

Stop suffering from slow PC performance. Own your own LightSpeed PC now and increase your productivity significantly!

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