Lavasoft Privacy ToolboxNowadays navigating is like breathing something you can’t live without and being protected while online is very important as threats are presented at every click. Thanks to Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox all your worries are now history as this new security solution will guarantee a total protection for your PC’s information. Incorporating two applications the file Shredder and the Digital Lock, the new Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox helps you successfully protect your computer information from outside threats by encrypting your files or permanently deleting them when you no longer need them.

The easy to use interface of Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox allows you to securely store or send files from your computer according to your work pace backing you all the time. With encrypting algorithms such as AES standard 256 Bits you can be sure that your sensitive data will not be stolen while sent or placed in your computer. In addition this incredible security package helps you get rid of all the unnecessary information stored on your PC with just one mouse click. With features such as automatic detection of previous operating system versions that have been saved and hidden the Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox enables you to discard your PC from useless data that occupy a lot of space. So why purchase two different products that are a must for your PC’s security, when you can have Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox a two in one guardian software that will enhance your productivity while putting your worries to rest.

Compatible with most operating systems Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox offers you complete control over your digital information.

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