Lavasoft Digital LockThere are times when you need to send or store your files but you know that in this day and age of hackers, the confidential nature of those files can be compromised. If this is your dilemma, look no further than a product made by Lavasoft. Lavasoft has come to be known as the company which developed one of the early anti-malware software, Ad-Aware. In 2007, Lavasoft began developing other products including this one, Lavasoft Digital Lock which uses cutting-edge encryption technology to allow you to send or store files securely. Only the correct password will be able to unlock the file/s.

With Lavasoft Digital Lock, you can encrypt and decrypt as well as password protect files, folders, compressed zip and .exe files. This utility allows you four different, strong encryption algorithms. BlowFish is the default encryption algorithm but you can always choose any of the other 3: 256 bit AES-standard Rijndael, 256 bit Twofish or 480bit SafeIT. Encrypting files is easy. Just add files using its graphical user interface (GUI) or drag and drop the chosen files onto the Digital Lock icon or in the quick launch toolbar. Supply an 8-character password and your files are encrypted. You can even encrypt an already-encrypted file for added protection. You also have the option of shredding an encrypted file so that it becomes unrecoverable. Another beauty of the Lavasoft Digital Lock is that it allows recipients of your encrypted files to read them even if they themselves do not have Digital Lock. Its free decrypt program called Lavasoft Encryption Reader simply requires the password you used to read the file sent.

Put your apprehensions about sending files over the web to rest. All you will ever really need to protect it is Lavasoft Digital Lock. Don’t hesitate any longer.

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