JajukManaging a large music collection can become a daunting task even to the most advanced of users. If you are one of those who loves music of any genre and stores all your music collections online, you may be looking for a way to organize, sort and manage them regardless of their music format. A music management application called Jajuk Jukebox was made specifically for the music organizer in you. It is a full-featured software that is intuitive and provides you varied views of your collection.

When you fire up Jajuk Jukebox, you will see several windows on your screen showing you different ways of seeing your music collection: track tree, artist view, track table, queue, and even a picture of the album's cover that is playing currently. A sidebar on the left has other options in terms of file management, configuration settings, statistics, display settings, information,  tracks, albums and playlists.  The screen layout is so clean-looking and yet provides you so much information about your music collection that you see almost everything in just one view. Jajuk Jukebox plays music in different formats (MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV and more). There are several options when playing music including repeat, shuffle, intro, fast forward/rewind and mute. The shuffle feature is not just for the album you are currently playing; you can shuffle the songs from your entire music collection. The "Best Of"  smart function plays your favorite tracks. The "Novelties" smart function plays the newest albums in your collection. The "Finish album" feature makes you finish the current album playing even in the midst of a shuffled playlist. It even has an alarm clock so you can start/stop Jajuk at specified times.

Enjoy all the music you have in your collection and get so many flexible options for listening to them with Jajuk Jukebox. It is a great way for you to be able to listen to all of your favorite songs, have them all in one place and sorted the way that you want so that you hear the songs in the order that you want to hear them be played.

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