GuardedID Identity ProtectionIf you have a computer, chances are that you have a licensed antivirus software. Some of you may even have paid for internet security suites which not only scan for viruses but also safeguard one's privacy and guard against viruses on the web and malware. But security experts contend that these days, with so many malicious attempts taking different forms, having internet security suites and antivirus software is no longer enough. You are still open to the risk of falling victim to keyloggers -- a malicious software which can log every keystroke you make including bank and credit card information, passwords and similar sensitive information and send these to strangers who could illegally make use of them. A study by a leading risk detection company, Secunia, showed that even major antivirus programs stop less than 5% of keyloggers. Another risk is clickjacking -- a cyber threat wherein an invisible link or button containing malicious code is placed over a legitimate link or button. Because the opacity feature is often used, the malicious code is invisible and only the legitimate button can be seen. Therefore, an ordinary person is lulled into thinking he is clicking a safe link. You may think that your antivirus program protects you completely when it does not. Protect yourself completely from keyloggers with GuardedID Identity Protection.

GuardedID Identity Protection aims to protect you from both keyloggers and clickjacking. To protect against keyloggers, GuardedID Identity Protection uses encryption technology  for your user name and password to prevent the recording of your keystrokes when entering passwords or logging of conversations in social chats. To guard against clickjacking, GuardedID Identity Protection makes the invisible links/buttons visible by highlighting them with red dashes. This is the user's signal that the webpage they are on may contain malicious code. With both these features activated, GuardedID Identity Protection completes the protection of your online activities.

Get peace of mind that you and your family are fully protected from the cyber threats that abound with GuardedID Identity Protection.

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