Even at birth, your baby is a genius. But you need a way to release that inner genius faster than the normal child development and training. Your child can learn to read, hone amazing mathematical abilities, and acquire encyclopedic knowledge – all by around age 8 – with GeniusMaker. Because of the methodology used by GeniusMaker, even before he starts formal schooling, your child would already have gained most of the knowledge, creativity and imagination he will need for the rest of his life.

The mistaken notion of many, including parents, is that geniuses are few and far between and that it takes special genes to produce a child genius. But the truth is, there is a potential genius hidden in each and every baby waiting for the right method and tools for it to come to full bloom. From age 0 to age 3, babies are like sponges, absorbing and lapping up information at the fastest speed possible. What may seem like play to us is actually learning for them. And their right brains are at its most active stage. From 4 years to about age 6, the left brain slowly takes over but learning is still quite fast. By age 6, the brain is 70% developed. So, the earlier kids are taught, the more they are capable of retaining for life. This is what GeniusMaker takes advantage of.

GeniusMaker does not make use of physical flash cards but utilizes the same technique on the computer and available via download. Let your baby crawl up on your lap and introduce him/her to GeniusMaker. GeniusMaker comes in 3 modules. Together, they cost so much less than other education software tools that you have to buy separately.

  • BabyGenius Reading Module – teaches basic words, phrases and even whole stories
  • BabyGenius Math Module – teaches numbers, simple equations, and even complex equations
  • BabyGenius Encyclopedic Knowledge Module – shapes, reptiles, mammals, places, vehicles and more are shown to your child who will retain all these in his super knowledge memory bank

Maximize the learning window of your child with GeniusMaker. Introduce him to a whole wide world of knowledge and excitement. You will be so amazed at just how much your child will be able to learn and retain even before he steps into a school.