The Advantages of Free PSP Video Converter Factory
Free PSP Video Converter Factory is a free video converter. It is an application that was designed for one task: conversion of video files for playback on your PSP. Thus, all the conversion profiles available are optimized for PSP devices.

This video converter is totally safe and powerful, you do not have to worry about whether your devices or PC will be attacked by some unsafe factors, and it will help you good converted videos in a high speed.

What’s more, This converter's user interface is very nice. When you first launch it, you have some on-screen help that describes the conversion process. At the bottom of the screen, you have the list of supported devices, and on top of that, you will see the profile settings and a video player.

When you start converting a file, you will see the video playing. This isn't really a preview of the conversion process. You can disable the video playback to speed up the process. If you want to speed it up further, you can send the application to the background, so the memory used for the user interface is used in the conversion process. There are some more performance settings that you can play with in the options window.

You can download Free PSP Video Converter to convert your video files to PSP format.

Some Shortcomings That need to be Improved
However, there are also some disadvantages that I think Free PSP Video Converter Factory need to be improved, I think although Free PSP Video Converter Factory can allow us to see the information of the original video files, it is a little difficult for us to find the information of the original videos, because there are no related button on the product’s interface, I suggest it should add a button on the interface so that users can see the information of the original videos directly.

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1. Upgrade to PSP Video Converter Factory Pro by click 'Upgrade' button. Upgrade within the program, do not need to download and reinstall.
2. Easy share the program to your friends by click 'Tell Your Friends' button.
3. File > Preferences > Some parameters settings in the interface.