This Flexispy review is a revelation on how cell phone conversations can be listened to and more. A powerful cell phone spy software, when someone has something to hide, they can no longer communicate without getting caught. Flexispy does a particular thing that makes it so excellent, and with the use of this review you can listen in on cell phone calls.

It's shuddering to think what this cell phone spy software can do, if you are the one that has something to hide. Aside from making a virtual 'phone tap', Flexispy will enable you to read text messages, emails, and more. No need to get the email password. No need to hold the target cell phone to read the messages.

All of these things can be done from the cell phone that you use as the 'spy phone'. The data is logged down for you to access when you want to, which can be done from a computer or the 'spy phone'. For calls to be listened to, your 'spy phone' will call the 'target phone' while there is a conversation going on - and you get to hear everything because it will be like a conference call, except they won't know you are there as not even your breathing will be heard.

Here are a couple of sample reports of Flexispy for your review:

Flexispy E-Mail Log

Flexispy SMS Log

Flexispy offers various packages. The price depends on what features you would like to be able to use. Here's a list of the features:

*Remote Listening
*Control Phone By SMS
*SMS and Email Logging
*Call History Logging
*Location Tracking
*Call Interception
*GPS Tracking
*Black List
*White List
*BlackBerry Messenger Chat
*SIM Change Notification
*GPRS Capability Required
*Listen to Recorded Conversation

When a person has something to hide, one of the ways that you can catch them is with the use of Flexispy. There has been a public outcry about these cell phone spy software. There are many who say that it is an invasion of privacy. Yet, there are more that have discovered that Flexispy has help them catch a cheating spouse, learn out about deals that are made behind their back, revealed the truancy of their employees, or help them keep their children safe.

This Flexispy review might be the answer to the dilemma on how to find out what other people are doing with the use of their cell phone. Now you can feed your curiosity, get to know things, and be aware of what is happening when it comes to a person's cell phone use when you use a cell phone spy software like Flexispy.