File CureHow frustrating can it be? You receive a file from a co-worker, a boss, a friend or just about anyone in the family and your computer cannot open it. The world used to be a lot simpler with just a few common file extensions. But now, with the growing number of digital devices, many of which have nonstandard file formats, computers sometimes can no longer recognize them and often prompt you for the program to open the file. More often than not, you have no idea which program can open the file. At a loss, you have probably once tried choosing a program at random only to encounter “file-related” errors. That can get really frustrating, especially if the file you want to open contains something urgent like work-related documents or special like birthday or anniversary photos, or photos of old friends. With FileCure, a new software program from ParetoLogic, you need not worry any longer about mysterious file extensions. FileCure actually suggests and locates programs that can be downloaded to open those specific file types.

FileCureFileCure is easy to use even for newbies because it is intuitive and simple. This is how it works. It scans the Windows registry of your computer to determine the different file formats it currently supports. It directs the user to the application which would open common file types. If the application is nonexistent on your system, FileCure provides download links, directly inside A File Manager feature allows you to control the associations between the file extensions and the applications. FileCure also monitors your system and sends out an alert if something tries to alter the file extension associations. When you order FileCure you will always have free database and product updates. A strong Customer Care and Support Team is always available to ensure that you always get the best service and technical help whenever you need it.

FileCure is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Just click the link below to order FileCure and never have to worry again about strange-looking file types.

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