I have been having a lot of trouble finding keeping everything on my computer working well. Aside typing and copying and pasting, I usually need to consult my little brother for a computer how-to guide.

After a while, my computer whiz brother helped me find the DriverCure driver download tool so I would stop bugging him all the time. He happened to mention that to me when he was fixing my computer, so I didn’t think much about it.

After a while, I was trying to watch a video my friend had sent me on some web site, and it wouldn’t work. . I had to click through a whole bunch of complicated steps, and about a half an hour into my trial, I gave up and tried to call my brother. He, of course, asked me if I had gotten the driver guide software he suggested. And, I of course, said no and got off the phone.

So I dug up the e-mail he sent me to remind me of Pareto Logic Driver Cure driver finder and went to the Pareto Logic site.

It took me two clicks to get the software installed, it was my kind of software!

Within minutes, I was watching my friend's video. The video was disappointing, but the driver tool was amazing!

Not only did it help me find drivers for my computer, it kept track of all of my drivers. And when hardware and software companies updated their drivers, ParetoLogic DrvierCure would e-mail me, then it was a cinch to update any driver with the click of a button.

I also loved the fact that my new little driver detective found drivers for my printers and MP3 player.

I really like how easy it was to keep my computer in good working order. When I go to the computer, I just want it to work! Another great thing is that it hardly takes any power to run, so it never slows down my computer.

I thanked my brother for the computer drivers tip, and had to find other reasons to call him.

Check it out, it's free to download and I found an offer for $10 off making it $29.95. I'm so glad I bought it; wasting three hours poking around the internet is worth more than that to me!

Download DriverCure directly, or click here to visit ParetoLogic's DriverCure website.