Data Recovery SoftwareIf your computer holds precious information such as valuable photos, important documents, confidential files and so on, you really cannot afford to lose any of these. But accidents can and do happen. Power spikes and glitches can cause us to lose precious data. Sometimes, we inadvertently trash files and empty the recycle bin before realizing that along with unimportant files are some critical files. When times like these happen, you want to be able to recover these files with ease and without problems. This is when you will need Data Recovery Software.

Data Recovery Software by Pareto Logic is a very powerful tool for recovering deleted emails, files and documents. It can even recover deleted email from Vista Windows Mail as well as deleted email attachments. It can also recover partial files from bad sectors. If you have just newly formatted or partitioned your drives, Data Recovery Software will still be able to recover your files. No need to worry about the type of files it can bring back to life. Even if your files are compressed, encrypted or recycled, it can be recovered with Data Recovery Software. Songs that have gone missing from your iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Classic can be found (it doesn’t support the iPhone or iPod Touch yet though). To find missing files you can search using keywords or phrases and once your files have been found, you can specify a location where they can be saved. You can also get a visual confirmation that you indeed recovered the right file. Just hover the cursor over the file name to get a preview of the file.

Pareto Logic also assures its customers of reliable technical support for all its products including Data Recovery Software. When you need to recover critical data, you can only trust a reliable program like Data Recovery Software.

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