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When viruses or spyware enter you computer, they remain unseen. These threats ride on downloads like email attachments or games. Spyware can capture personal information, track web surfing habits, passwords, banking information that will lead to identity theft. Viruses self-replicate and infect a computer. It's time to take the situation under control with an excellent anti-virus when a computer has any of these following symptoms; crashing, freezing, pop-up ads, unexpected webpages, redirected to other sites. There are new viruses and spyware infecting the web every day, and when your computer is beginning to run slow, or if you would want to prevent any of these things from occurring, there is one thing that you can do to surely solve these issues.

Cyber Defender, the first Collaborative Internet Security Network with early detection technology to protect computers against new malware attacks such as spyware, viruses, and more. It taps the power of the community through a proprietary peer-to-peer relay network for faster protection. With multiple strategic sources, protection from active threats is assured while the safety of Internet searches is constantly improved. Does this Cyber Defender review startng to sound a bit too complicated? For you to find out what it can do, simply conduct a Free Security Diagnosis or get a Free Download of Cyber Defender.

Here are the advanced features of Cyber Defender:

Dual Core Scanning Technology
Early Detection Network
Simplified User Interface
Anti-Spyware Protection
Anti-Virus Protection
Microsoft Updates Monitor
Cookie Monitor
Firewall Monitor
Privacy Monitor
Link Patrol

According to "CyberDefender is set apart from the others by their ability to address any computer problem, not just security issues." When you want an anti-virus software that performs better, you have access to Cyber Defender with this review. Take advantage of this Cyber Defender reviews offer to obtain a Free Security Diagnosis and a Free Download of Cyber Defender.