Increase your chances of collecting more efficiently and faster when you’ve got CollectPro to help you manage your receivables, send payment reminders, mail out demand letters, and even turn over difficult collections to a collecting agency. When you are able to send out payment reminders and collection letters on a prompt basis, your cash flow improves the liquidity needed by your business.

The ability to manage and control the level of receivables may not be your main business but it can make or break a business. Studies have shown that the longer it takes you to collect, the more difficult it gets and the chances of recovering 100% of it diminishes over time. Managing your receivables so that they do not pile up is also very crucial. Prompt and complete collection of receivables helps your business stay in operation because the payments you receive are turned around to pay off liabilities, purchase more inventory, and/or reinvest in financial instruments.

CollectPro is an invoicing software that is totally compatible with all versions of accounting software such as Quickbooks and Peachtree.  Choose to sync your accounting data on intervals or sync it manually. Set up your timelines for call scripts, letters and actions. The software allows you to rearrange the different actions, types of letters to be issued and action tasks, as well as the intervals in terms of days from current date.

You may think that an accounting software can give you a list of past due accounts. True. But with CollectPro, you not only get a list of the delinquent accounts but you also get several actions you can take as well as templates for call scripts, collection and demand letters. In addition, track the actions you took on the invoice history of each customer. And when all else fails, CollectPro lets you export accounts to a collection agency for more intense follow-through action.

Don’t make collection delays cost you more money in terms of unrecoverable receivables. With Collect Pro, drastically improve your collection record and take quick action, when needed, with the tools provided.

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