It isn’t easy to keep track of what you have, especially when you have too many things of the same kind. This can be a problem, in particular, for individuals who have a collection of some sort. People who are just starting a collection tend to procrastinate because they find it unnecessary to catalogue a few items. Unfortunately, before they know it, the collection has grown and they no longer have the time or energy to make an inventory of what they have. makes it easy for anyone, no matter how small or large their collection may be, to make a digital database for their DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, books, games,  music  CDs, photos, comics or digital music files. caters to different kinds of collectors by offering a variety of software— Music Collector, Movie Collector, Game Collector, Comic Collector, Book Collector, MP3 Collector and Photo Collector—available to both Windows and Mac users. Whichever software you choose, making a database is sure to be a painless task. Simply purchase a scanner from to get organized the easy way.  Collectors of videos, books, comics and games can simply scan barcodes to get details and cover art from the online database of each software. Get the cast, crew and plot summaries for your movies and TV series with Movie Collector. Find the artists, albums, record labels and release dates of your favourite CDs with Music Collector. With Book Collector and Comic Collector, bookworms and comic junkies can also find authors, publishing information, and much more for their favourite novels and comic books without the hassle of inputting the information manually. No more wasted time from scanning images and typing in itsy bitsy details for each item.

Even non-commercial items can be organized. Photos can be labelled and grouped in a variety of ways (by date, subject, location, event, and category) with Photo Collector. Technical details can even be added, allowing users to take note of the cameras, lenses and filters used for each photo. Browsing through digital music can also be a breeze now. The MP3 Collector (which actually supports not just MP3s but WMA, OGG Vorbis, APE, Flac and WAV too) does the work, organizing music files through automatic file renaming and automatic grouping options.

Are you curious to see for yourself just how works? Try the software of your choice for free before you buy it. You also get a 90-day money back guarantee upon purchasing it, so you can be sure you’re getting a satisfactory product, risk-free.

Why wait any longer when you can catalogue your valuable collection quickly and hassle-free? Try and get organized today!