The internet is a very useful tool for children who need to do school work and research by visiting various sites. But the internet can also be dangerous for them. Pop-up windows or links that redirect to sites containing age-restricted or offensive content can occur at any time, posing a risk to your child’s well-being. Filtering software are often difficult to set up and can be hacked; not to mention the fact that they are expensive and often work on just one computer. The Big Kid Secure Drive gives your kids a separate and safe operating system. They can do their work and surf safely even when you are not present.

The Big Kid Secure Drive is not a filtering software or content filter. It is a USB drive that plugs into any USB port. It comes with its own operating system. All you need to do is plug it into the USB port and boot up the computer from the drive. Your kid can then use your computer on their very own safe and secure computing environment. At the same time, because they are operating in a totally separate environment from yours, they can’t mess around with important files in your computer.

The Big Kid Secure Drive comes pre-installed with OpenOffice which allows them to do their regular schoolwork using Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Besides that, Big Kid Secure Drive also has its very own fun and educational games (great for ages 5 to 17) and other applications involving Science, Math and Reading to bring your kids hours of fun when they tire of doing their school-related projects.

Because it is portable and looks just like any ordinary USB drive, the Big Kid Secure Drive can work on any PC or Intel Mac, unlike other filtering software that have to be installed on a specific computer. So feel confident to go on trips because wherever your kids go, they can just take the Big Kid Secure Drive with them in their backpack or slide it into their pants pocket. It’s that easy to bring around!

Protect your kids and allow them to surf safely. Get each one of them their very own Big Kid Secure Drive and put your mind at ease even when you’re away from them.