AVG Internet Security is a compilation of solutions and tools that will totally protect your system against any imaginable threat from the internet or other sources. The program will scan web pages before they are actually downloaded into your web browser and scan them for malware that usually is sent by insecure web sites. If you use your computer for buying stuff online or paying your bills online, there is a certain amount of personal information that is stored on your computer and that can be targeted by malicious software that is after your bank account number, ID and similar information. AVG Internet Security protects you from this type of attack using the AVG Identity Protection, a technology that will keep at bay any identity theft attempt. Another source of viruses is downloading, because alongside the media you download there can be numerous invisible viruses that once settled on your computer can do much harm. AVG protects you against that too, making sure that you download only what you want.

Also, AVG Internet Security scans your e-mails and your instant messaging, both being sources of viruses. Before downloading an attachment, AVG will make sure it is clean and it's not a threat for you. An enhanced firewall is part of the AVG Internet Security package and makes sure that hackers or malicious software are not able to scan your computer remotely via internet and search for valuable information worth stealing. Also, say goodbye to your long lasting pest, spam, as AVG Internet Security packs a special feature that will get rid of spam and make your system run smoother. You can personalize AVG Internet Security using the system tools it has in order to focus the power of the package on what is more important for you, schedule disks scans and better administer your computer's resources. Buy AVG Internet Security now and forget all about the dangers of surfing the internet!

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