You may have already protected your computer from viruses, spyware, spams and phishing but have you protected it adequately from the threat of identity theft? With Atherion Identity Pro, you give your computer the best protection against the theft of precious, confidential data that can blow your online identity wide open and put you at risk financially.

Without adequate protection, your computer could be your own worse enemy. You store usernames, passwords, SSS numbers, credit card information, driver’s license, and other personal information in your computer, thinking that since it is inside your home (maybe even inside your work den or bedroom), no one else has access to information in it. Not quite! Malware could be lurking in your computer, downloaded without your knowledge due to some previous installation that carried the malware with it, or due to an infection from visiting a website that had the malware. And as you use this personal information, that malware could be recording it and sending it to third parties without your knowledge.

Find and secure your personal information before someone else gets to it with Atherion Identity Pro. Here are some of its featues that help you secure your critical and confidential information:

  • It is password-protected – You need to log on each and every time you use Atherion Identity Pro.
  • A scanning window lets you see your personal data in real-time mode as the scan probes internet data, email and computer files.
  • The Wallet feature lets you enter personal criteria such as bank accounts, passwords, and other similar data and keeps this information encrypted. The information in the Wallet is used to search every time you activate the scan.
  • The Vault feature is the area where you work with sensitive files. Work with these files within these areas and store them back there when finished. Your files remain safe and encrypted.
  • Settings allow you to change password, set a timeout period that returns you to the login screen after a period of inactivity, and set password hint questions.

Protect your identity and critical personal information at all times when you have Atherion Identity Pro guarding and watching out for all instances when it could be exposed.

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