Ad-Aware ProWith so many things that you can already do online other than email, such as online shopping or doing online banking, convenience is not just around the corner. It is here already. However, cyber criminals have gotten very sophisticated and despite antivirus programs installed in most computers, they are still able to come up with keyloggers, hacking software, identity theft, trojans and other malware that can not just damage your computer but more important, steal vital and sensitive information that you may key in such as passwords to bank accounts. If you have tried Lavasoft's ever-popular free anti-malware product, Ad-Aware, you know how effective it has been in protecting against viruses and trojans. Now, Ad-Aware Pro provides even more extreme computer protection.

Aside from detecting trojans, viruses, spyware, keyloggers, worms, adware, rootkits, dialers and other malicious programs that your computer may encounter, Ad-Aware Pro stops not just existing threats but patterns of still unknown threats using its heuristic detection technology. That provides protection for your real-time registry, network and processes. When it detects any suspicious activity, it immediately asks you to confirm access. It has TrackSweep, which provides you with the ability to erase your tracks in web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera. It also has a process viewer and Autostart manager. While these are already available in Windows Task Manager and MSConfig utility, the interface is friendlier and easier to use. Features unique to Ad-Aware Pro include Real-Time Network Protection (allows you to monitor outgoing traffic so you can block your computer from connectiong to malicious or blacklisted sites, Do Not Disturb Mode (which protects your computer when you are playing games, making presentations or watching videos without straining system resources), and Network Drive Scanning (lets you scan network drives for malware on shared discs).

Ad-Aware Pro will give you the peace of mind you need to do just about any web-based activity knowing that it will always be on guard to alert you.

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