Ad-Aware PlusYour computer cannot afford to go without ample protection against viruses and malware. These days, doing many of our tasks online has become a convenience available to everyone -- from checking mail to online banking and internet chatting. But with these conveniences there are also more and more sophisticated means that make us easy targets and put our computer and our information at risk of hacking or identity theft from viruses and malware. The free Ad-Aware product of Lavasoft has long been a popular program as it effectively protected against spyware and trojans and had a rootkit removal system as well as a track sweep. But you can further protect your computer when you get Ad-Aware Plus.

When you order Ad-Aware Plus, you get complete protection on your computer as it detects over two million viruses, spyware, trojans, keyloogers, rootkits, blended malware, hijackers and other potential threats by cybercriminals. It is even designed to detect unknown or emerging threats by using heuristic detection. Now you can do your online shopping or online banking knowing that you are protected even from keyloggers (malware that take note of your keystrokes and send these to unknown sites that collect these for possible abuse). With Ad-Aware Plus, you will have complete peace of mind when doing your sensitive online transactions. Your surfing privacy is maintained because your tracks are erased on the web, via the web browsers, with just one click. Websites that are potentially harmful to your children can also be blocked with Ad-Aware Plus.  And even if you do get a harmful attack, Ad-Aware Plus will clean this from your system so effectively that you would have your PC running like new.

Don't hesitate now. Get Ad-Aware Plus to protect your web activity and online information. You get free technical support as an added benefit when you have Ad-Aware Plus.

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