Do you find yourself getting frustrated when your internet connection keeps slowing down and trying to download web pages or upload files seem to take forever? High-speed internet connections often seem slower than the speeds they are promising from your end and that is because your computer or network’s settings are not optimized to take full advantage of the internet speed coming in. If you’re not a techie, tweaking computer settings is not advisable. Instead, get ActiveSpeed,  a leading internet optimizer and web accelerator. It will take care of adjusting your settings so that your internet connection speeds up.

With ActiveSpeed, download files faster and spend less time online. You save money especially when your internet connection cost is based on time spent connected. Broadband files like MP3s, MPEGs, AVIs, ASFs and other files download much faster. How does ActiveSpeed do this? It edits and optimizes many hidden files in your Windows registry which may not be properly set up to handle your connection. The program works with almost any computer running Windows and with any type of internet connection (dialup, xDSL, ISDN, cable, etc.). It also works with any ISP including MSN, AOL and even free ones like NetZero. By boosting your modem, web pages, file downloads, network games and other internet tasks are sped up. Multimedia and software are downloaded at faster speeds than ever before. The solution does not always lie in upgrading your internet speed, which will cost more to subscribe to. Tweaking your modem and computer settings via ActiveSpeed may be just what you need. Its patent-pending Intelligent Optimization Engine guides you step by step so that the settings you use will ensure faster internet connection.

ActiveSpeed’s user interface is so simple and easy to use. It installs in just seconds and runs in the background. It goes into a learning phase, adjusting settings every time it runs tests. With time, it will learn more about your internet connection and will be able to adjust it so it runs more efficiently. In fact, even before buying ActiveSpeed,you can download its free optimization scan to check if your computer is already optimized.

What differentiates ActiveSpeed from other ‘internet boosters’ is in the manner that it speeds up the internet. Other boosters use caching technology without really increasing internet speed. These other boosters simply reload cached pages to make it seem faster. With ActiveSpeed, the data transfer rate is modified so that a page loads faster, whether you have visited that page before or not.

Enjoy a faster internet experience without having to shell out more money for a faster internet speed connection. Do it with ActiveSpeed.

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