The internet has become one of the most common venues for crimes and other illegal acts such as cyber bullying, pornography, and exploitation to mention a few. In most cases the victims of these acts are the innocent children who are unaware about the danger of interacting with strangers online. If you are worried about your child becoming a victim of such acts while online, you can use Action Alert to help you deal with these situations.

Action Alert is an internet parenting device that keeps track of every online activity of your child. It is styled as a USB, which is plugged into the computer’s port slot. It records all the online activities of your child, which you can review later on. It also gives you the power to limit the time that your child spends online.

Using Action Alert can stop online predators who use the anonymity of the internet to lure victims especially children. Action Alert can also prevent your child from getting access to malicious websites. Children are sometimes unaware at the links they are clicking and may end up in one of these websites with adult contents. However with Action Alert, you need not worry at all.

If you suspect that your child is a victim of cyber bullying, then having the Action Alert is a good decision. Action Alert is effective when it comes to putting a stop on cyber bullying. Action Alert is also an effective measure against inappropriate chat room conversations. When conversations turn from friendly chat to something else, you need the Action Alert.

When potential dangers are detected, you will receive a warning message through a text message or email. You can use its shut down feature to instantly shut down the computer even when you are not at home. A warning will also be sent to you once the Action Alert device is removed from the computer.

For only $14.95 plus $6.99 shipping and handling fee, you can have your Action Alert to keep your child safe while online. Action Alert comes in several packages and each package contains the Action Alert Monitoring System, 3 months enrollment of monitoring service for free, and unlimited access to online Math Genius free of charge.

Protect your child from online dangers by purchasing your own Action Alert. With Action Alert, your child’s online safety is guaranteed and you will have peace of mind.