AVG AntiVirus
Viruses and malware are a constant threat for your system and there are so many ways they can enter your computer, from the web or installation kits, for example. Once a virus or trojan gets into your files you can loose so much, from money to valuable documents and some viruses are designed to totally incapacitate your computer. With AVG Anti-Virus you can safely browse the net and install new applications, being sure that your operating system is protected against viruses. Before you access a web page, for example, AVG Anti-Virus scans that page and if there is something wrong with it you will be alerted that visiting that page is a risk. That is available also for new programs you install on your computer and any other data that you copy. An enhanced Web Shield allows you to download anything from the internet without any viruses that can come along with your download.

AVG Anti-Virus also scans your emails for viruses, this being one of the most common ways in which people get a virus on their computer, clicking on a link supposedly containing a funny video or downloading an attachment. AVG allows you to safely store passwords and other important data on your computer because it detects any spyware that might lurk around your system and deals it with it. AVG also grants exceptional customer support, offering you help for any threats that might appear (and they do, especially online) anywhere, anytime. Buy AVG Anti-Virus and make the most out of your internet browsing!

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