SafetyWeb greatly reduces the risks of Internet predators finding your child. Cyberbullying and sextexting are other dangers to be averted. With an easy email search, you can get to see what stalkers might. Try the free search tool provided by this SafetyWeb review and learn more about how you can to protect a child in the virtual world.

SafetyWeb for Social Networking Sites

Kids spends a lot of time online and they typically join more than one social networking site. SafetyWeb is capable to constantly scour the Internet information that can do damage to their reputation or expose them to the unwanted people online.

SafetyWeb monitoring tools include more social networking sites than any other. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Photobucket,, hi5, bebo, Flickr, TwitPic, Friendster, Foursquare, Gowalla, and many more other sites will no longer be hidden.

SafetyWeb to Monitor Online Activities

What you can check include status updates, photos, videos, their location, personal information, and their friends. What's excellent about this website is it sends you alerts for you to immediately know if there is something not quite right like if a kid is using bad words, saying suicidal remarks, or fighting with someone.

SafetyWeb to Monitor the Cellphone

Know if there are midnight callers, the messages that they receive and send. With the scandalous sextexting that affects even the innocent party, those kind of unwanted incidents may be nipped in the bud. A teenager might be doing drugs, goes drinking, or might be courted by an older person - have the awareness what is happening so you can protect your child.

SafetyWeb - A mother and daughter's review

Maria's statement: I have a 17-year-old daughter and she is very conservative. Like most teens, she has a Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networking accounts.

One evening, I read the SafetyWeb reviews and decided to use the free search tool. I placed in her email and when the data appeared, it was revealed hat she had a MySpace picture and her information about liking pop music and eating pizza. She had a public profile that a stalker could see and my daughter is so very pretty!

The next day, when she came home from school, I asked her to type in her email address to use the SafetyWeb search tool. When the results came in, you should have seen the surprise on her face!

Margarita said, "That picture of mine is 4 years old! I don't even go on MySpace anymore. Why are the things that I like still showing? Now I have to delete that account or hide my profile - but it's been so long that I can't even remember my password. I did not know that just anyone could see these thing about me!"

What monitoring tools are you using? Are these enough? Does those tools do the task of knowing how your child is viewed online? We don't know how stalkers work - but if you want to discover what they will see when they search for victims, place the email address into the search box at the SafetyWeb site.

SafetyWeb - Compare Parental Controls reviews

Parental control reviews offer a child a safer world online such as NetNanny that makes sure that certain website are not accessed. There are also spying tools reviews that help you get to check their communication via cellphone and online.

Yet, we know that more than just spying is necessary, which is what SafetyWeb can do. It is a guard dog that keep you informed and keeps prying eyes away from your child's profile and activities.

SafetyWeb - Make the Internet a Safer Place

Protecting your child's safety does not necessitate you prying into every single activity they make. Unlike spyware is like a Big Brother looming, ruining the privacy of a person and breaking all boundaries of trust - SafetyWeb helps a parent or guardian create a safer web presence.

Nowadays, people look at public profiles, such as potential employers. Teachers and other people in authority may look at a kids profile.

Vulgar language, bad words, dirty pictures that even might be spammed, be aware of these things to do damage control. SafetyWeb also works as a preventive measure because if the minor knows that they are monitored, they will behave and warn their friends to do so as their parents might be using this website without their knowing it.

SafetyWeb is your watch dog. Your child might be a very good kid but might be dragged down because they had curiously looked at a porn picture posted on their wall. They might be upset because they are the victim of a cyberbully or had made friends with an online predator as they just add anybody.

SafetyWeb works to help you make an informed decision and helps you hid your child's public profile from bad people. It is a must to guard your child while online. We can't spend our days monitoring every single move they make, that's why parental control tools are vital.

SafetyWeb was created by 2 fathers who wanted to protect their kids and wanted to enable every single parent to do so without any added burden.

For the inexpensive rate of 10 dollars a month, you can get SafetyWeb. For parents and guardians who sign up for 12 months, a 2 month subscription will be given for free, so you can save $20. For the protection that SafetyWeb can give, you get more than your money's worth 10 dollars and get to do all that is possible as a responsible parent.