Protect yourself from identity theft that can prove disastrous. Many times you won’t know if someone else has pretended to be you in online transactions till you get a credit card statement and realize your name or Social Security number was used in a fraudulent credit card or online transaction. Protect yourself with Identity Lookout which monitors all your online activities and acts swiftly to alert you when it notices attempts to use your personal information.

Identity theft is serious matter now that so many sensitive and confidential transactions are conducted online. Online purchases, online banking, stock trading and other online transactions leave trails and malware that resides in your computer may be sending your confidential information without your knowledge to others who can use these for fraudulent activities. When that happens, you can be affected for life. For example, if someone abuses use of your credit cqard, you may be put on a negative list by credit card companies, affecting your ability to avail of credit in future. It could affect your ability to secure housing loans, car loans or educational grants.

Identity Lookout is a preventive approach to identity protection. It helps guard your computer and online activities so that any attempt to gain access to, or send out your sensitive information, is first sent as an alert to you so you can decide if the information should be sent out or not. Here’s what you get:

  • Experian credit report – comes with a minimal one-time charge
  • Credit, debit and ATM card protection
  • Daily credit monitoring
  • Email alerts when there are key changes
  • Internet scan for misuse of Social Security Number (SSN)/credit cards
  • Million dollar insurance
  • Fraud resolution assistance
  • Child monitoring (for an additional fee)

Protect yourself online right now with Identity Lookout. There’s no better time to safeguard your online information. With Identity Lookout, you will feel a lot safer doing your online transactions.

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